Wendy's Return To Japan

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2011/12/26 12:41 JST In Japan
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After closing all 71 stores across Japan 2 years ago, Wendy's have made a come back and their first store will open tomorrow at Omotesando. They plan to have 100 stores across the land of the rising sun within 5 years. Their long term goal being 700 stores.

This photo taken yesterday where they were doing some final preparations for the opening. The location however is not fantastic and unless you look down a side road then you wont really notice it.

Other places that do burgers in Japan would be Mc Dees, Burger King, Mos Burger and Kua'aina. I love Kua'aina as their burgers are cooked after you order.

Who does the best burgers?

They will be serving up original menu's for the Japanese market including Foie Gras Rossini.

The apples and nuts of a chicken mixed in a salad.

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