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2011 Christmas Giveaway

Thu 2011/12/22 10:12 JST

Tis the season to be jolly is it not? If you dont feel lucky enough to win the Azunyan figure, then try your dab hand at this giveaway to win anything you want - yes *anything*! Just as long as J-List have it in stock ^^ 3 lucky bods will walk away with some goodies!

As you know, J-list have just about everything under the rising sun. Everything from Totoro goodies to Japanese bath salts.
Go ahead and choose absolutely anything (anything) from J-List and put the name and url in the comments like this together with a message to Santa explaining why you want it. The reason should be ever so slightly amusing because Santa likes a laugh from time to time. Something like:-

Stripe Panty -- Shimapan Light Blue ~ size M
I would like this because its cold outside and I need something to wear on my head.


Go ahead to choose anything from J-List - you've got until boxing day (up until the end of the 25th December). There is absolutely no limit on the price of what you choose. You can only choose *one* item regardless of whether its 10 USD or 100 USD. The item must be instock.

Below are some of the more popular categories at J-List.

If you are not feeling lucky then you can always buy your own Christmas prezzie or get one for somebody you lurve - maybe something like a J-List gift certificate.


I'll choose three (count em) entries at random on boxing day and announce the winner on my Twitter or Facebook.
Arms installation is complete - Good Luck!

Tokyo · CEO Mirai Inc

Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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