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2011 Figure Ranking

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2011/12/16 09:42 JST In Figures
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Was filming the 2011 AmiAmi end of year figure ranking for Culture Japan with Richard yesterday and would like to share the results with you. As its the EOY rankings, we only cover the top figures from various categories.

Moe Figure

The top selling Moe figure for 2011 is Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE 1st Fate Testarossa -PHANTOM MINDS.
Extremely well crafted figure by Alter. A wee bit too big to display if you dont have much room.

What would you vote to be the top Moe figure?

Action Figure

The best selling action figure of 2011 is figma - Miku Hatsune Append ver. Lovely sculpt by Masaki Apsy - perfect git for the in-laws.

What would you vote to be the best Action Figure of 2011?

Robot Toy

The best selling figure in the Robot Toy category is Super Robot Chogokin - The King of Braves GaoGaiGar. This comes with a load of parts which you can enjoy loosing around the house.

What would you vote to be the best Robot Toy of 2011?

Mini Figure

The best selling Mini Figure of 2011 was Nendoroid Miku Hatsune - Absolute HMO Edition which sold an absolute bucket load. This Miku has more joints than standard Nendoroids and comes with a zillion extra parts.

What would you vote to be the best Mini Figure of 2011?

Tokusatsu Toy

The best selling Tokusatsu Toy of 2011 was figma Kamen Rider Onyx from Kamen Rider - Dragon Knight. Never seen the series but love the designs of these. My fave is still Kamen Rider Kabuto though.

What would you vote to be the best Tokusatsu Toy of 2011?

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Standard Figure

AmiAmi have a category called "Standard Figure" which are figures which dont fit into any of the above categories ^^; The top selling was Excellent Model Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece CB-EX Luffy & Ace.

What would you vote as the top "standard figure" of 2011?

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And thats all we had time to cover in the 6 min on-air time. What was 2011 like for you in term of figures? Many releases that you got hold of or not much that you wanted? For me it was a good year and think its going to be a good year in 2012 too ^o^

2011 was a good year for figures?

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How many figures did you acquire in 2011?

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For folks who are not beknowist, AmiAmi also make figures like this one of Hinako which is due out next March. Hinako is from the "Isshoni" Series which Mirai Suenaga was a part of last year.

I've been told from reliable sources that the white stuff is foam bubbles.

And this was the office setup during filming - it will be episode 13 of Culture Japan Season 2 which will be available worldwide on TV and the Internets.

All photos taken on the NEX-5N.


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