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Culture Japan trends on Twitter

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2011/12/03 23:30 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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"I can die happy now" was the first thing I said to myself when the tag for my TV show Culture Japan (#culturejapan) became a Twitter Trend in Japan today. This had always been a goal of mine. Culture Japan is broadcast in Japan at 22:30 every Saturday and it became a trend on the top page of Twitter at about 23:00. Thanks to everybody who tweeted with the tag at the time!

But I'll take back the "I can die happy now" because the next unlocked achievement has ben set ^o^

While the show is broadcasting, I usually follow what folks are tweeting about the show and would retweet. Its so rewarding to know that so many folks are enjoying the show and that all the hard work does pay off - even though I'm on the verge of extinction as we near the end of Season 2.

Folks around the world will be able to enjoy the show very soon.


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