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Thank you Singapore 2011!

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2011/11/19 16:06 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Had an incredible time in Singapore over the past 9 days. AFA was just incredible. I want to say special thanks to Kodomut, Alvin, Tatsuya, Alafista, Dcal, Shane, Marcus, papershot, Scorch and Kaisheng for setting up my booth and to Esther for being Mirai.

Also thanks to everybody who organises AFA and to everybody else! The following post is a collection of all the photos I took with somebody on my camera - if we took a photo on your camera then leave a link in the comments! There are also a few photos with folks who recognized me on the streets too ^^; Are you in any of these photos?

I love Singapore and will make a point of coming over more often. See you all soon!



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