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CJ Night Singapore 2011

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2011/11/16 09:53 JST In Anime Events
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Officially called "CJ Night" (Culture Japan Night) but still known as "CGM Night" took place the other day at the AKB48 Cafe in Singapore. Over 200 comrades joined to mingle, network and have a great time with each other.

Thanks to everybody who came along and sorry that the food ran out for some ToT. We had Bushiroad come along to teach and giveaway some vanguard, Street Fighter II tournaments ( I still dont know how to do combo moves!), Culture Japan Season 2 screenings and a load of figure and daughters fun n games.

Photos in this post taken by Kodomut, F.Yukino, Tatsuya and Bell. If you see yourself then please annotate yourself and leave your facebook or Twitter account if you have one!
Thank you to everybody who came and hope to do this more often than just once a year.

My schedule in Singapore for the past week has been packed and only managed to get out in daylight yesterday! The rest of the time its just been getting into a taxi to heading to a venue where I would stay indoors all day for rehearsals or AFA. I've got filming later this morning before I leave to head back to Japan tomorrow night Thursday on the ANA flight to Haneda/Tokyo.

Not sure if I 'll be able to get any other posts out before I leave but most of my updates are actually going to my Facebook and Twitter where you can see photos that I've taken over the past few days.

Group photo with folks who stayed until the end. We prob should do this earlier next time ^^;
Please annotate yourself!


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