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Kobuichi Itasha

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2011/11/07 23:34 JST In Mascot
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I've got a plane to catch to Singapore in a few hours and I have not packed or done my presentation - noooooooooooo!! I've been working with my men on ground zero prepping my booth for the Anime Festival Asia. Please forgive me for the next few days because you'll see a load of AFA and Mirai stuff as thats what I'm focusing my efforts on right now ^o^

The Mirai Itasha that will be on display at the AFA is complete! Thanks to Alvin for sacrificing his BMW to be done up with the gorgeous illustrations of Yuzusoft illustrator Kobuichi. As with my previous Itasha designs, I like to keep the design simple instead of having every corner plastered.

Anyway me better dash or I'll miss my plane. Arriving later on the NH111 (Tuesday 8th) at 17:25 and heading directly for the most important part of the trip - om nom noms!

This "the making of Itasha" report is brought to you by Yukino-chan.

And this is the design that I gave my folks. Again - simple which is the theme for next year. The website design will be soon be simplified too.


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