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Desk Diary 2011/08

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2011/11/01 23:43 JST In Desk Diary
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Uploaded the September installment of Desk Diary a while ago but missed posting photos of what the office looked like before then - only managed to find a wee bit of time today to clear out the backlog - but as I really only have a wee bit of time, most of this post is going to be a photodump.

Most of these photos taken during July and August where I've been the most busiest with the production of Culture Japan which is currently in its second season across Japan. I've got about 5 episodes to film and edit before prepping for season 3. Hope to make time to take a couple of days off in January.

I've only got a week to go before I head to Singapore for but need to hand in two episodes worth of Culture Japan, give a talk at the G1 conference this week, prep a talk for AFA and make sure that my booth and products reach Singapore in time - and thats just 10% of my to-do list ^^;

While I'm having difficulty updating the site often, I do update my social networks more - my Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

Oh, and thanks to all who have submitted job applications - I need time to go through all of them. I'll get through most but dont think I can reply to the "I have not got the skills but am willing to learn" - I would love to reply to them all but I'd just be replying to emails literally all day long.

I always make a point of investing time to save time - time taken to get rid of stuff that I dont want so that I can easily find the stuff that I do want. Time needed to organize stuff (as opposed to just chucking stuff) is important too.

Keeping stuff organized is key to enable you to do more.

Messy and I just cant find what I need in a timely manner.

This is better but I need to seek a better way to organize this. Boxes in the drawer help a lot.

This is the TV production drawer and is ugghhhh!

I feel dizzy when I see stuff like this. Mess like this happens because I dont have time to wire stuff up and place them back neatly. Even if I did however, I probably wouldn't care too much about the stuff that I dont need which I would end up keeping for a long time. I guess that the occasional mess helps me identify and chuck out stuff.
I think I have enough USB cables to start up my own shop.

Much better with a few cables disposed of - I'm not going to need 15 USB cables.

The TV production area looking much better but still not optimum.

Need to dispose of some HDD's - smashed with a hammer and torn apart ^^;
How do you dispose of your HDD's?

I think I got enough GB's of memory to start up shop too ^^;

The DMX-LVF1 digital view finder for the Lumix GF series - ideal for bright sunny days where you cant see the LCD screen. Its for sale if you want it - got for about 15,000 yen but yours for 6,000 yen - to pick up from Musashikoyama station in Meguro Tokyo. Lemme know.

I dont like clunky speakers but needed some for Culture Japan editing. Got these Creative T12 speakers which are supposed to be bluetooth - but they make a popping sound which seems like its trying to keep the connection alive and sometimes the sound lags. I currently use it wired up to the iMac.
What speakers do you recommend for the computing environment?

Got some LED bulbs but what I didn't know is that they have a reputation of being dark.

I now have 4 of these Mirror Light HDD cases for editing. They cost 11,990 yen each. They allow me to just slot in a HDD and start editing.

What I like about these is that the HDD's don't need extra fittings - they just slot in.

Now I can get rid of this mess - the cradles we previously used.

And the drawer of HDD's which store both seasons of Culture Japan.

A lookie around the office. The large material banners available from Kidnemo who ship worldwide.

I cant remember if I showed you this lot before - photos were in the same folder.

My girls like Apple products - thanks to Dollfie World they can actually have some for their own use.

Didn't have time to dress Karin from ages after Anime Expo.

Have invested in Eneloop over the years and now have a load - got this charger to save time - now can do 12 at a time instead of 4.

Wifey learning some Final Cut Pro X ^^

The Blue Snowball Microphone which I reviewed in a separate post.

Ryomo looking as lovely as ever. Am I allowed to say that about my own girls?

The Jawbone is a compact bluetooth speaker with powerful bass. Pricey but worth it if you want something that does not take up a load of room. It also lasts about 10 hours on one charge. Not idea for editing a show as you really need to hear the LR channels on each side.

More sample T-shirts. Reason why they are not on sale right now is because I test my products for a while before I let them go in for manufacture - having crappy quality stuff on the market may bring in money for the short term but will ultimately do brand damage in the long term.

I use Teleport to control many macs from my main machine. The latest version however has less features - stick with 1.1!

Nanoha looks after my USB memory.

Cant wait for wireless electricity. But I'd probably be dead when that becomes a standard.

Before I forget - from time to time, I broadcast my work on my - I'm either recording with UTACO or editing on Final Cut Pro.


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