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Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2011/11/01 11:12 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Are you fed up with your slow internet speeds? Are you fed up of not being able to have babies with the AKB48 girls?
If your answer is possibly "yes" then this is your lucky day. Now you can have fast Internets and make siblings with the AKB48 girls.

AKB48 is now an Internet provider - get along to AKB Official Net, give them your moolah and once you are a member, you can gain access to AKBaby - an online member feature which will let you have babies with the AKB girls.

Your hard earned cash will get you more than the Internets and babies - you get your very own mail address like and privilidges to concert tickets and wot not - all for just 1,480 yen per month.

To use AKBaby, all you do is upload a photo of yourself and the tool will morph your photo together with the AKB girls photo to generate a....cute (?) baby.
The future is here.

Which AKB girl do you want to have babies with?

If not AKB48, who do you want to make babies with? (can be 2D too)

Via Itai News.


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