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Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2011/10/14 21:29 JST In Anime
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I'd be a meanie if I kept all of these goodies to myself so I thought I'd best share em with you - a bunch of anime and manga that fell through the ceiling. Thanks to Peter at J-List for dropping them through that hole ^^

First up is a load of Megami Magazine - each volume available from J-List at 14 USD each. Megami [女神] means "godess" and each edition is filled with a bunch of em in the form of news n posters.

Who would you prefer to help with your "homework"?

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Whats going on in this image?

Infinite Stratos was your cuppa tea?

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How many of these ladies have you claimed to be your waifu?

Next up is Nyan Type - available from J-List at 14 USD for each edition. The kanji on the magazine is "娘" - the Chinese pronunciation is "Nyan" (or close enough). The kanji means "young female" and there are plenty of them to keep you entertained for hours when the parents are out or when your bedroom door is locked.

Do you have a lock on your bedroom door?

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Nyan Type has some goodies that come with each edition like this Hideyoshi which you can hang from various parts of your body.

Now thats something you dont see everyday - a blow-it-up-yerself-oppai-mousepad.

The syringe included enables you to take samples of your soldiers which you would then inject into your best friends cuppa tea.
You can also use the syringe to blow up the mousepad.

Nyan Type also includes a load of figure news.

Some eroge news too - the girls in D-EVE and Mirai Nostalgia are really cute!

Next up is G's Festival available at J-List priced at 44 USD. It may be a bit pricey but they usually come with a dakimakura which alone can be priced at 10,000 yen. You also get 660 J-List points too.

If you dont like the look of your partner, you can also ask them to wear these dakimakura over their head.

The G's Festival are telephone book-thick packed with a load of manga titles.

Dengeki Moeoh is available at J-List for 20 USD per edition and focuses on moe girlies rather than just anime alone. These usually come with goodies too.

The October edition of Dengeki Moeoh comes with a puchi Hinata Hakamada.

Lots of illustrator work can be found in Dengeki Moeoh.

30% of my readers are female so we must not be forgetting about them!
Available at J-List for 15.50 USD per edition - Girls Style is a magazine filled to the brim with lovely lads.

3 lovely lads.

More lovely lads.

What sort of hair style do you prefer on your anime lad?

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Character design for Senritsu no Stratas look cool.

Already knew back in 2008 that Maken-ki would get the anime treatment.

Maken-ki on your watch list?

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J-List even ship Morning Rescue around the world! But only when you pay 4.50 USD for one.

And when you order anything from J-List, you get some anime glasses which look great even on your daughters.

I did mention that I'd be a meanie if I kept all these magazines to myself - so go ahead to the Anime and Manga section at J-List and choose 2 magazines that you want - then paste in the magazine name and url to that product in the comments below like:-

Comic Alive 2011 Nov

I will choose 2 winners at random and announce them on my or just like I did for the Saber Lily giveaway.

  • The total value of both magazines you choose should not exceed 50 USD.
  • After the winners are announced, I'll contact you and CC Peter who will then arrange for your mags to be sent to you.
  • You got until this time next week.

Arms and installation is complete - good luck!


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