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USB Powered PG Gundam

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2005/11/13 18:23 JST In Gundam
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If you own a PG kit, you will know by now that the eyes light up (if you didnt know then you didnt put your kit together properly!) But you would also have noticed that the batteries run out in no time meaning that your Gundam can only look cool with those glowing eyes for a limited period of time. Even when they are lit up - the power from the batteries are so weak anyway that the glow makes your Gundam look sleepy. Now how on earth are you supposed to impress the boss and get that raise without constantly glowing eyes in yer Gundam?!

Its not too late! Now you can have your Gundams cool glowing eyes constantly lit all day long! This takes a look at how to do this with a PG but I have seen people do this with their MG's too - just need to get a LED from the electronics shop and mod the head so that it fits inside.

If you are going to attempt this - please do so at your own risk - If you end up burning your house down or even worse - melting your Gundams head - its your responsibility!

This is the back of PG Gundam MK II with the cover removed - the batteries are inside - a pain to replace. The switch is also here too which is also a paint to turn on - double pain!

I just happened to have a USB power cable lying around which I cut up and extended with some electrical cord. If you are going to make your own USB power cable - do a search to see which pins you need. As you can see from this shot - you can also use the mains to power your Gundam - not just the USB on your computer.

If you are doing this for your PG Gundam MK II - all you have to do is attach the electrical cord to the plus and minus. All PGs are different though. Strike for example has the batteries in its head so when I do Strike, I will have to feed the wire under its armor.

For now, I dont mind the visible cord but for those who do mind, you can use adaptors and modify your PG so that the wire maybe feeds away out of the back of the foot or something.

New and improved PG Gundam MK II running off the mains - the glowing eyes can now be lit 24/7 ;-) No more batteries running out, no more dimly lit eyes.

Example of the new and improved PG Gundam MK II plugged into the Mac Mini in the living room.

Example of a constantly-glowing-gundam on the third floor.

More shots of PG Gundam MK2 coming very very soon ;-) Muhaha.


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