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Wonder Festival 2011 Summer

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2011/07/28 20:07 JST In Figure and Doll events
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Folks who attended this years Wonfes would have noticed that there was something different about it - mainly the huge gaping open spaces.
Wonfes has been a venue where garage kit makers and figure sculptors could sell their crafts even though they are based on copyrighted material.
The organizers at Wonfes would usually contact the copyright holder on behalf of the seller and apply for a single day license.

Since the Kanto Tohoku earthquake, Wonfes found it difficult to get hold of copyright holders to apply for these licenses and announced that they were not going to bother.

Copyright holders such as Good Smile Company and Nitroplus took leadership and announced that they would process all the single day licenses. What dealers had to do was to just contact either of these companies directly.

Unfortunately, this meant that some folks made copyrighted stuff to sell but didn't have a license to do so - meaning that there was no point to attend the Wonfes as a dealer. Understandably - many dealers are miffed at the Wonfes organizers for just throwing their hands up in the air.



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