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AX 2011 Day 1

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2011/07/09 05:41 JST In Anime Events
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Still in the US at the moment. Extended our stay to fit in as many meetings and filming as possible before heading back to Tokyo. Leaving Los Angeles tomorrow night on the 1AM flight into Haneda airport and will arrive Monday morning in Tokyo. Not got a lot of time to sit down in hotel to write hence the lack of updates ToT.

Have been meeting a load of industry folks which have lead to a few wheelings n dealings. Also spent much time with Good Smile boss Aki-san and Nitroplus boss Kosaka-san and learned that I need to be much more aggressive when it comes to growing my business.

Anyway here are some photos of Day 1 at Anime Expo 2011. Not many photos here from the exhibition hall as I was running around attending to panels and wot not. Only managed to finish my presentation between breaks until the last minute ^^; Some of my prezo is online at YouTube but if you recorded all of it then please do contact me and share.

My Day One schedule was the opening ceremony, Starchild panel MC, Miyuki Sawashiro panel MC, Miku Keynote opening, Miku Miku Dance panel opening and my panel at the end of the day. Thanks to everybody who came along to these panels. Will write up day 2, 3 and 4 on the plane back to Tokyo.
if you see yourself in any of these photos then do annotate yourself!

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