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Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2011/06/26 15:42 JST In Japan
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My first stop after leaving Tokyo earlier this week was Nice in France - first job was to speak for Dentsu at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Am currently in Germany as I write this though ^^;

I haven't gotten round to prepping my presentation for Anime Expo in Los Angeles next week so don't have time right now to go through each of these photos in depth.
First up is the Yamanote line on the way to Nippori.

Getting tickets for the New Skyliner.

New Skyliner bound for Narita Airport.

If you are traveling to Japan, you can get a rental 3G device which will provide you with WiFi for roughly 1,500 yen per day. You can use your laptop/iPhone/iPad with it and if you have Skype then you can use that to call land or mobile phones which would be the cheaper solution.
This corner at Narita Airport is where you should stop off to get it - its near the station ticket counters.

Folks in Japan heading overseas can also get one too but iPhone users on Softbank are better off with the flat roaming plan where we get to use as much data as we want for about 1,400 yen per day. Shame our iPhones cant tether though.

What do you do for data communications when you travel to Japan or other countries abroad?

Today we are taking Swiss Air. When we travel business it means that somebody else is covering the ticket - all other times its economy ^^;

Our schedule for the next few weeks.

Getting some grub in the business lounge at Narita.

Don't think I've traveled so far on a small plane before - I used to think it was only the jumbo's that could hold enough fuel to make the trip.

Looks cramped but is well spacious because...

...there is a ton of leg room. These seats are much better than other business class airlines that I've traveled in (Malaysian Airlines, All Nippon Airways) because these lay out completely flat - the other airline business class seats kind of slope at an angle. I hope the Lufthansa flight to the US lays completely flat too ^^;

Finding some time to think about this n that while looking out at the clouds.

The interesting thing about business class is that they always come around with a table cloth and serve everything on crockery.

Main course nom nom.

Lots of buttons to press when feeling bored.

TV screens are iPad size.

Working on Mirai Millennium scenario.

Zurich in sight.

Zurich touchdown.

Will be here for an hour before catching another flight to Nice.

Zurich business lounge. WiFi not free ToT

Arrival in Nice. Many folks who tweeted me didn't know that Nice is a place in France and thought that I was talking about how nice France is ^^;

Dentsu arranged for a pick up at the airport.

Heading towards Cannes.

The event that I was to speak at had posters everywhere!

Hotel reception.

Our home for the next few days.

View from our balcony.

This is where cake is made.

A mysterious girl on the bed.

Heading out to look for grub and water.

Lots of interesting cars in Nice.

Lovely scenery.

Found a supermarket to pick up some water - we never drink hotel water as it usually costs 5 times more than normal.

Quick stroll on the beach.

Back at the hotel to prepare for the next few days of rehearsals.

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