Mirai Suenaga in Twin Angel

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2011/07/31 13:43 JST In Mascot
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Am pleased to let you know that it wasn't an early (or late April Fools) and that our Mirai Suenaga made a guest appearance in Episode 04 of the TV anime series Twin Angel. Here are some screenshots of her air time looking sooooo cute!

Mirai in her default Summer school uniform before getting changed.

Ge, getting changed?!

Mirai-chan is a hard working girl and works part time after school at a family restaurant. Here we see her changing into her uniform ^^;

All dressed and ready to do some hard work.

And here are the OP and ED's to the show.

But some evil folks raid the family restaurant and everybody is held hostage!

Luckily the Twin Angels are on the scene.

And here are the illustrations that JC Staff came up with - obviously Mirai-chan takes on the look and feel of the other characters. I'm actually off to the studios of JC Staff tomorrow to go over some more nitty gritty.

The design of the waitress uniform is based off the Mirai Maid uniform designed by Chun.

And this is what the original maid uniform looks like.

And this is the Doll version ^o^

Been planning the 2011 April Fools since last December but it got cancelled due to circumstances - which is why this years April Fools was kinda half baked ToT

The April Fools was to be a "Mirai Suenaga joins the Twin Angels as Orange Angel!" Thanks to Amano-san for helping out with the artwork.

The name of the restaurant is "Solar Marine" which they decided to use from the Mirai Millennium universe. The anchor logo is based off our original designs of the Solar Marine Emblem which they simplified by just using the anchor ^^; I dropped that design too as it was too complicated for when it comes to animation.

This is Saijo sensei who also appears wearing our modified maid uniform.

Leaving you with more screenshots from the show. Some more Mirai guest appearances in various anime and games - keep your eye out for her!

First time I've had my name in the credits for an anime show - we do their official Japanese and English website.

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