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Santa Monica

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2011/06/24 22:46 JST In Travel
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A load of guests that are heading over to Anime Expo from Japan have been asking me what places I recommend to visit while in LA. This year will be our third time in LA and I recommend somewhere we go every time - Santa Monica. These photos taken last year which I never got round to posting.
Our usual routine is shopping/strolling > lunch > shopping/strolling >beach >dinner at Bubba Gump and will probably do the same this time too.

What places do you recommend to visit around the LA area? Whats the nearest natural park?

Heading out to Santa Monica.

Looks like somebody hit somebody...

The main shopping avenue in Santa Monica.

Aldo used to make nice square toe shoes but don't anymore ToT

Free WiFi here n there.

That splatter you see on the floor is coke - which the waitress poured over us THREE times. She didn't apologize either and only said "fcuk!"

Dessert was nice though.

Somebody needs to come up with a Moe Monopoly.

Ah the good ol times.

Which is the bees knees?

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Wonder if the new MacBook Air will be out while I'm in the US?

One thing that I didn't get used to while living in America are the huge gaps in the toilets. All I want to do is pee or poo in peace!

Still use this today - BookArc.

Heading to the beach.

On the pier.

Manual version of Human Clone?

Dos Amigos.

Dollfie sized surf boards?

Marry a fish.

Bubba Gump time.

I was shocked when the waiter told us that Forest Gump wasn't a true story.

Radioactive Bubba.

That windbreaker from my times at Microsoft.

Taxi back to the hotel.


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