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Advantages Of Wearing Glasses

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2011/06/30 21:33 JST In Mascot
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I was teased when younger for wearing glasses but it wasn't until recently when I discovered the benefits of wearing them.
For starters, I get to see more because I've got 4 eyes - kinda like an insect.

Another benefit is that I get to come up with a creative way of decorating ones glasses thanks to the figma Mirai Suenaga. Stuck on with a bit of blu-tac - which you can also use behind Mirai's face if it keeps falling off.
And if you are wondering - yes I was walking around like that all day ^^;

How many of you is being wearing glasses?

Wear glasses is you?

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Tastes like pichi pichi strawberries.

Speaking of glasses, for folks who have always wanted to have big bouncy anime (optical) eyes, now is your chance. J-List will be giving away these anime glasses to enable you to make that transformation without any Minority Report style eye transplant surgery.

To get your grubby mitts on them, all you need to do is to pop along to the J-List booth at the Anime Expo exhibition hall and spend some moolah on anything. Or you can go along to the J-List panel on Sat July 2nd where they will give em out for free - check the schedule for the room number.

If you cant go to AX then they will send you a free random pair with any purchase from J-List.

Pics of some of the J-List staff after surgery-free anime eye treatment.

This lady tells me that I nearly forgot to mention that J-List have just launched their Points system, which means all products get points added to one's account on each purchase. Some products, such as bento boxes, kitchen items, DVDs/Blu-ray discs and eroge get 2x points while they celebrate the launch of the new system. Points can be used on the next purchase with no limitations, but customers can also store 5000 points for an upgrade to $10 worth, and 12000 points for an upgrade to $25 worth of points - more info here.


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