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Fakku x Culture Japan Meetup

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2011/06/18 22:05 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Update! See you all at WS1 in the morning at 11AM! There will be signing, photos and you will meet a load of new comrades. Come!

This year I'm pleased to announce that Jacob and I will be having a meet n greet *inside* Anime Expo - we got WS1 on Sunday 3rd July from 11AM to 2:45PM and I've been told that the room can hold a few hundred people.
BTW, the 2560px x 1600px wallpaper of Momoka and Mirai lives here. Momoka-chan is Jacob's mascot who has recently made friends with Mirai thanks to illustrator Amano-san.

To the outside world its called "Fakku x Culture Japan Meet n Greet" but we all know that its actually "Los Angeles CGM Night 2" even though it takes place in the day ^^;

Jacob runs a health care portal site called FAKKU which stands for Feel Awesome Karma while Keeping it Up which is another way of saying "Stay Healthy!"

Jacob is an entrepreneur who has been working in the CGM (Consumer Generated Media) for many moons and leads on and offline communities of like-minded folks. Jacob also specializes in e-commerce where he builds his own systems and sells his own products like the HenTie.

We worked together in the past on the Aquisition and last year on Los Angeles CGM Night. We are currently working on a web project together which will be released later on this year.

Photo taken with some of the folks who stayed behind at Los Angeles CGM Night last year. Last year we were outside the Expo at ESPN Zone but had no idea how many would turn up - ended up being in the hundreds ^^; We got kicked out after a while and continued in the streets until evening where Nabeshin joined us later.

Just like last year, folks can come along to mingle with not only Jacob and myself but most importantly with a load of other like-minded folks too who love Japanese Pop Culture. If you really want Jacob and I to vandalize your personal belongings by writing on them then just bring em along - I'll sign anything just as long as its not a used Tenga.
The meetup is for all ages for don't hesitate to bring your sons or daughters. Come along in cosplay, have fun and leave with new comrades! Absolutely everybody is invited. If any of the other guests are still around then I'll bring them along too. It costs nothing to join and you go home with something money cant buy - new like-minded friends!

Just like last time, folks need not worry about any trouble makers sneaking in as they will have seven shades of crap kicked out of them by the undercover precrime folks.

Apart from the Fakku x Culture Japan Meet n Greet, Jacob and I will be having our own panels.

Jacob's Panels

Hentai Worth Watching
Date: 2011-07-01
Time: 22:30:00 - 23:30:00
Room: LP 3

Visual Novels and Eroge
Date: 2011-07-02
Time: 20:30:00 - 21:30:00
Room: LP 2

Date: 2011-07-04
Time: 16:30:00 - 17:30:00
Room: LP 2

Jacob will also have a booth in the exhibit hall.

Danny's Panel

Date: 2011-07-01
Time: 20:00:00 - 21:30:00
Room: LP 1

Danny's full schedule

I've got a load on my plate this year and will be speaking/MC for the following events.

July 1

OP Ceremonies 9-10am LP1
Starchild Records Panel 11-12pm Lp1
Miyuki Sawashiro Focus Panel 1:15-2:15pm LP1
Miku Keynote Panel 2:45-3:45pm LP1 (To be confirmed)
Danny Choo Focus Panel 8-9:30pm LP1

July 2

Miku Producers Focus Panel 1:30-2:30pm LP1
Miku Concert 8:30-10pm Nokia Theatre

July 3

FAKKU Culture Japan M&G 11am-3pm WS1
Masquerade Half-time Show approx. 10pm Nokia Theatre

July 4

Good Smile Co X Nitroplus Panel 10:00-11:30am LP1
Miku Dance Competition w/ DANCEROID 12:30-1:30pm WS1 (To be confirmed)
MikuMikuDance Workshop 3:15-4:15pm LP4 (To be confirmed)
Closing Ceremonies 6-7pm LP1

Nearly forgot to mention that I need somebody to loan their DD musume (large bust) who will be displayed at the AAA Anime booth in a glass cabinet. Your musume will be cosplaying as Mirai and there will be a label saying who their parent is (your handle name and website url). I need 3 girls.

I've printed 600 name cards which I'll be handing out at my panel and the meetup. You don't need to be running a business to have your own name card - a name card is a way for you to connect with others and is something that absolutely everybody should have to build relations in life. Many of my comrades in Japan make their own at home and as long as you have a printer then you should be able to do so too.

You don't have to have your real name either - a pen name + email is enough. Recommend you to have your Twitter or Facebook account on it too. Include your website and an indication of your interests through text or an image of some sort. If you are coming along to the meet n greet then I recommend that you have your name card as you will meet a lot of people.

Leaving you with photos taken at last years meet n greet. Jacob and I are looking forward to meet you!


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