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Angel Beats Yuri

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2011/06/13 12:00 JST In Good Smile Company
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Tis giveaway time again. In the Tokyo Arrival 3 post, most of you said that you wanted Yuri from Angel Beats so here she is - but she will fall through the ceiling for only one of you.

If you want Yuri, all you have to do is to get along to Hobby Search and tell me what character I'm thinking of in the Good Smile Company figure category.

#Shes got two eyes
#Shes got a mouth
#Shes got two arms
#Shes got two legs
#Shes carrying some sort of gun
#She was released within the last 2 years

#You've got until this time next week to guess and you got 3 guesses.
#If you guessed Yuri then you must reply like


#If there are more than 1 correct answer then I'll choose one at random.
#The winner will be announced on my Twitter and Facebook so keep an eye out on these accounts.
#Hobby Search will send your Yuri to you directly. The winner should reply to my contact within a week with their mailing address.
#Arms Installation is complete - good luck!


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