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Eiji Seiun

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2011/06/12 12:29 JST In Mascot
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Eiji Seiun (星雲永時) is the 4th character to join the Mirai Millennium project. He is Kanata's and Mirai's classmate.

At this moment in time, There are no search results for either "Eiji Seiun" or his name in Japanese "星雲永時" - when thinking of names for characters, its important to think of ones which don't already exist especially for search engine purposes.

I used this list of Japanese boys names to come up with Eiji [永時] which means "eternal". "Seiun" [星雲] means "Nebula" and you will notice that all my characters have names based on time and space.
If you are thinking of Japanese girls names then use this list.

And no he's not a trap ^^.


Name: Eiji Seiun [星雲永時](せいうんえいじ)
Birthday: December 24th
Height: 175cm
Age: 17
Blood type: O

  • Classmate of Mirai and Kanata
  • Bright personality with an optimistic outlook even in the bleakest of situations.
  • Would suddenly disappear from time to time only to be found doing something brave and crazy.
  • Can be seen from time to time looking out to sea or at a sunset deep in thought.
  • Average grades in all subjects apart from Mecha and Exoskeleton Industrial Design.
  • Folks think that there is a possibility that Eiji likes Mirai
  • Works in a restaurant part time after school.
  • Hobby is watching anime, reading manga, collecting figures, dakimakura and dolls.
  • Eiji also loves music and can be often heard singing during battle or during his part time job as a waiter.
  • Eiji loves language and apart from his mother tongue of Japanese and English, he is also learning and speaks some Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish and German. If he is not listening to music on his headphones then hes listening to language learning material.
  • Weapon of choice is the Sonic Naginata [ソニック薙刀]. A Naginata is a Japanese halberd.
  • Father is Japanese, Mother is British.

And here is progress on the Smart Doll of Eiji that I'm making ^^


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