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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2011/06/04 17:00 JST In Mascot
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Following on from Choco Chip, the next rather popular illustrator to give our Mirai Suenaga a doodle is Mikeou from Pink Chu Chu ^o^
I've been a fan of her work for a while now and was over the moon when she said that she would whip something up for us.

Here we have Mirai in her Winter uniform, Solar Marine uniform, Summer uniform and Birthday uniform. Its about time Mirai gets her own website and we will be working on that end of July when I get back from Anime Expo. At that time I'll upload all the PSD files from all the illustrators up until now so that you can play around with her bits n pieces.

Some other Mikeou bits n pieces lying around the office. Mikeou has been an active illustrator for many years now and her work includes popular eroge titles like Lyrical Lyric, KissxLordxDarjeeling, Mira Roma and more.

The reason why I got this is because Mirai-chan is in it ^^

And a gander at some of Mikeou-sensei's work in the other two illustration books. There is being quiet a few sensei who are in the middle of doodling Mirai-chan which I just cant wait to show you!


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