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Anime Subs or Dubs

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2011/05/04 09:19 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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American Blu-ray release of K-ON! is being distributed by Bandai who sent over a copy for tasting. Its got English dubs and original Japanese too - some of the English dubs in action below.

How many of you prefer dubs over subs? My first encounter with a dubbed anime was G-Force (gatchaman) when i was a wee lad. I could hardly read back then so dubs were important.

My second encounter was Macross which was dubbed into Cantonese. Could hardly speak Japanese at that time but probably would not have minded if it came with original Japanese dialog and English subs.

Western movies are shown in the cinema over here in Japan as both subbed or dubbed. Children tend to go for the dubs while adults mostly prefer original English dialog.
"Jimaku" [字幕] means subs
"Fukikae" [吹き替え] means dubs

Subs or Dubs?

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How much of the original Japanese dialog from anime do you understand?

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