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Good Smile Company 10th Anniversary

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2011/05/02 21:10 JST In Good Smile Company
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Its been 10 years to the day since Aki Takanori set up his company Good Smile Company and to celebrate, they held a huge event in the middle of Akihabara. The day was split into two parts - one for business partners in the early afternoon and the other for fans and consumers.
I went along and stayed for the early afternoon session and for a wee bit in the late afternoon.

We is being greeted by some ladies and the chap who sends me all those Good Smile posters that you see in the office ^^

The ladies wearing the latest in balloon fashion.

Checking in at the reception.

The traditional congrats flowers with names of the various companies displayed along with them.

The BRS ladies - folks who have seen Culture Japan Season 1 Episode 1 may recognize them.

A ton of noms - which I didn't get to eat much of as I bumped into a load of comrades - half of them were my clients too ^^;

Good Smile had *all* the figures they've made on display. They also make the Max factory stuff too but only had the "Good Smile Company" branded ones out.

Will post all figure photos in a separate post.

Big Boss Aki Takanori looking very smart.

Or maybe it was the 70th anniversary? ^^;

Doors just opened and folks are slowly starting to make their way in.

The Good Smile mascot - Gusuma Seijin.

Spoke to the boss of Indotei about making some vacuum packed Mirai-chan curry.

I wish I had eaten more ToT

This is Max Watanabe - the boss of Max Factory. We've been working on a challenging project of late ^^;

The balloon girls are starting to increase in numbers.

Indotei curry - orange curry on rice with a dollop of coconut.

Time for Aki-san to greet the audience.

The Balloon girls on stage ready to...

...give Aki-san a bite of their soft...

Up n coming Nendoroid releases. Photos in a separate post later.

The boss of Banpresto makes a speech - he used to be Aki-sans boss.

Was speaking to the Bushiroad staff about their boss Kidani-san when all of a sudden he appeared on the screen behind me! I obviously was saying all things good about him ^^;

The Milky Holmes girls left a message too.

Good Smile Company announces that they are opening a Shanghai office. They've also discovered a load of talented sculptors in Shanghai and will be working with them on a load of projects soon.

The Nendoroid Planet iPhone app will be available from the App Store at end of May - June. Will be a catalog of all the Nendoroids available and include some 3D models too. Shame Nendoroid Mirai didn't make it for the release of the app ^^;

PSP game Nendoroid Generations being worked on by Bandai Namco.

Good Smile talking about hiring university graduates. I need to talk about how university students look for jobs in Japan - tis a very interesting process.

Good Smile participate in a load of racing shenanigans too and they had a live feed of what was going on at one of the tracks.

Nearing the end of the first session of the day. The top lady at Good Smile makes a speech.

Then all of a sudden, the rest of the Good Smile staff get on stage. Aki wonders whats going on.

Everybody attacks Aki and hurls him up in the air.

Time for Max to give a speech.

At the back of the hall are all the GSC figures throughout the years.

Gorgeous illustration by Huke - Gumako in BRS style.

Nitroplus PR guy Joy Max wants to om nom Aki-san.

And then in the late afternoon, the hall is cleared for the consumer and fan session.

Picked up some goodies on the way out.

Box O Good Smile Goodness.

Good Smile headphones.

Watching how Good Smile have evolved throughout the years is always stimulating and am honored to be able to work with such a coolsome company.

What is your fave Good Smile Company figure to date?

What is your most fave Good Smile Figure to date?


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