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Japanese Food 2

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2011/04/29 14:16 JST In Japanese Culture
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Stick most food photos in the A Week in Tokyo series but sometimes there be too much - I'm either taking too much photos or eating too much ^^;
Following on from the Japanese Food photo post comes part 2 - filled with a load of great food that one can om nom in Japan - not only of the Japanese variety but food from many different nations too.

A report on TV this morning showed that the amount of tourists visiting Japan have dropped by about 50%. To folks who cancelled their trip to Japan - this is what you are missing out on. Un-cancel that ticket and come to get some noms.

More om nom listed up below.

And more daily noms in the photo posts below.

BTW, most of these photos taken with either the Lumix GF1 or GF2 with the 20mm Pancake lens.

What is your fave Japanese dish?

What is your fave Japanese dish?

When was the last time you had a Japanese dish?



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