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Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2011/03/06 11:50 JST In Travel
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Update - 在香港的朋友們,我們今天(3/13)在C3的正門3PM見面。見面了以後去中山紀念公園。

Hope you don't mind but am going to mix a food and meetup details together in the same post ^^; I'll be traveling to Hong Kong next week with Bushiroad to cover the Chara Hobby C3 event that will take place between 11th and 13th of March. The event focuses on Japan's hobby industry which coveres figures, anime, manga and other aspects of pop culture. Chara Hobby is organized by Sotsu which means there will also be a ton of Gundam stuff too.

SKE48, AKB48 and Milky Holmes will also be performing. I'll be lurking around the Bushiroad, Cospa and Sega Sammy booth so do drop by if you are available. I'm also due to speak on the side stage for Animax covering Culture Japan TV. Will be my first time to speak in Cantonese but the only phrase I remember is "Gnor Yat Gyok Tek Say Ney" [我一脚踢死你] which is not incredibly useful as it means "I'll kill you with one kick."

Venue is the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

On the 13th, I'll be meeting up with comrades in Hong Kong and anybody is welcome to come. We will be going for a doll photo shoot and then some din dins. We will hijack another street just like last time. Video of how the hijack started which then developed to this ^^;

Not sure where we will meet on the 13th but most likely at the C3 convention. Please keep your mince pies on my Twitter or Facebook for updates.

And the rest of the photos covers what I'm looking forward to the most - food! Wonton Noodles, Roasted pork n rice and more. These photos taken on my trip last year and you can see more photos listed up below.

What is your most fave place in Hong Kong?

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