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Shibuya Crossing

Sun 2011/06/19 18:37 JST

I need to hop onto a plane in a mo that will start my trip from Tokyo > France (Nice) > Frankfurt > LA > Tokyo and am in the middle of writing up a bunch of posts as I probably wont get that much time to do so later. I cant even remember how many I wrote today ^^;

My first stop is Nice where I'm speaking for Dentsu at the International Advertising Festival about anime - I've been given the green light to announce Mirai-chan's first anime appearance during my talk on the 23rd June. The TV anime will air this Summer.
I'll then be in Frankfurt for a few days for meetings before flying onto Los Angeles for Anime Expo. Apart from Anime Expo, I don't think I'll get time to meetup in France or Germany ToT

Most of my updates while traveling will be over at my Twitter or Facebook account.

As I was prepping more posts however, I came across this one of Shibuya Crossing which I had been meaning to release last January ^^; Better lot let it go to waste so decided to release it now.
Just after new years day, Wifey and I went to Shibuya to look for a new TV and bicycle. Not got the bicycle yet and the TV ended up falling from the ceiling ^^;

I love Shibuya and it was one of my inspirations when I visited Japan for the first time many moons ago - I recorded the sounds of the crossing onto a mini disc which I would play back to myself back in the UK as I studied Japanese.
Shibuya is just round the corner from where I live and usually go there to dance, shop and for meetings. Quite a few IT companies in this neck of the woods including Amazon.

The world busiest crossing is said to be the one in Shibuya where 45000 people cross every 30 mins - the video below captures a moment for a few seconds when there is absolutely nobody around.

Whats your fave place in Tokyo and why?

Question to folks who have visited Tokyo before - your fave place to visit is...

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