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Disposable Manga

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2011/01/31 14:54 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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When I was living in the UK, there were only a few methods of getting hold of the precious resource known as Manga [漫画]. The couple of Japanese book shops in London was one method but they would only stock a limited quantity and have a small selection.
Another method was to ask a friend to bring some over from Japan or actually go to Japan to get some.

When I first stared to live in Japan, I would see the resource that meant so much to me back in the UK just dumped out with the recyclable materials. At first I was surprised but then got used to it after understanding just how much Manga is a part of the lives of Japanese folks.

Where do you currently get your dose of manga from?

If you saw some interesting looking manga dumped out with the rubbish, what would you do?

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How do you prefer to read your manga?

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Translated or raw Japanese?

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