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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2011/01/29 20:21 JST In Dollfie
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The Hakama [袴] is a traditional Japanese garment which is worn from the waist downwards. The Hakama is worn as part of many arts including kyudo (Japanese archery), kendo (Japanese martial art of sword-fighting), shodo (Japanese caligraphy) and more.

Got to wear some Hakama for the first time when I went to try some Kyudo at Yashio High School and was about to get myself a set together with a bow but never got round to it ToT
If I couldn't get one for myself then I thought at least I could get one for my girls and put in an order with Chun to make me one.

Not got a 1/3 scale bow but do have the next best thing - a pair of Darth Maul Lightsaber chopsticks which have magnets at the ends.

Today Saber tries out a new brown wig.

Chun also done great work on the Tabi - which are like a cross between socks and shoes to be worn in the Dojo.

And Saber with the usual blonde wig - which do you think looks better?

Saber looks better with...

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And you can see the rest of the Japanese Archery photos with the students of Yashio High Shool in the Kyudo post.



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