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Ita G Festa

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2011/01/15 12:06 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Took too many photos at the Ita G Festa so will be splitting the coverage into two posts. Ita G Festa is the worlds largest gathering of Itasha held twice a year at Odaiba in Tokyo. The next one will be on the 20th of March and I'll be attending the event again too.

First up is probably one of the most gorgeous Itasha that I've clapped my beady eyes on - an absolutely gorgeous illustration of Lily-san from anim.o.v.e 02. Unfortunately for some reason I didn't pay attention to who the artist was so if any of you know do let us know!

Front of the Itasha with another gorgeous illustration.

I previously mentioned that Nakamura-san was going to launch an English language site to enable you to order Itasha sheets for your car but they need to have English/Japanese speaking staff to be able to deal with the orders. They don't have the resources to deal with orders from overseas right now so I suggested that they make Itasha sheets that you can readily stick on your car.

To tailor for all the different shapes and sizes of cars, I'm recommending Nakamura-san to make 50cm x 50cm, 100cm x 100cm and 140cm x 140cm sheets which will be rolled up in a cardboard tube and sent to consumers. Its then up to the consumer to grab a hairdryer, a good friend and some time to stick on the sheets.

Itasha sheets is something you would want?

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If you have photos of any Itasha that you've seen in your neck of the woods then feel free to share links in the comments.

The Mirai Itasha will be at the next event which will be after the Wonder Festival so it should have a few more Mirai-chan goodies that AmiAmi are going to release ^^;


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