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Ero Toilet Paper

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2011/01/09 09:40 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Do you find your daily dump boring and a waste of time? Do you always think to yourself that your toilet time could be more productive and maybe fun?
Well it looks like Toranoana has something for you - Ero Boin toilet paper.

For a laughable 450 yen, you can now look forward to your daily dump as you get to wipe your bottom with paper that is printed with a load of girls from the Happoubijin Boin series. This product is perfect to help folks take a dump and care for their health at the same time - save more time to enjoy the rest of our short lives.

The packaging has a sample of whats printed on the paper.

More examples of whats printed on the toilet paper can be seen at Akiba Blog.
So what would you prefer to use? Ero Boin or bog standard toilet paper which costs 298 yen for 4 rolls ^^;

Which toilet paper do you prefer to use?

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To folks who voted for Ero Boin, what will you do with the toilet paper?


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