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Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2011/01/07 15:05 JST In Figures
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What do figure shops look like in Korea? Member Toel-uru posts some photos over at Figure.fm of a figure shop in Seoul. Looks like they got a wide selection - especially Nendoroids and Figma's.
I've seen a few photos of figure shops posted on Figure.fm (would love to see more) but the trend I notice is that shops in Asia tend to have more variety. Could be because there are distributors in Asia which cover the region/lack of distributors in other parts of the world or that Japanese pop culture is more popular in Asia creating the demand for these types of merchandise?

BTW, I'm still looking for official distributors worldwide for figures/books for my Japanese clients. If you know anybody or are interested then please contact me. As a distributor, you probably already understand that you need to commit to buying a certain quota per month and already have a network of retailers that are going to purchase stock from you.

Where do you get your figures from?

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