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Otaku Girl

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2010/12/28 17:08 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Otaku girl Frances has taken some new photos of her room which has a few new additions including a lovely Dollfie Yoko.
Frances has been a figure collector for many moons and has been doing her bit to promote her passion for Japanese Pop Culture by being involved in some planning at Anime Expo, and shes also got her on show that talks about figures called ToyBox which runs on AX Live.

Frances will also be featured on the new years special edition of Culture Japan which will be aired in Japan on Jan 2nd Tokyo MX TV from 21:30 - then a few weeks later across Asia on the Animax Network.
Frances introduces her otaku room below.

Frances is also a cosplayer and she does a great Sheryl Nome from Macross - photos taken by Joseph Servantez and Daniel Baker.

Photos with Frances taken on stage at Anime Expo 2010.


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