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Shibuya Gal

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2010/11/30 13:18 JST In Japanese Culture
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Filming in Shibuya 109 with some of the Gal's. "Gal" [ギャル] is the Japanese word used to describe young fashionable girls who are in the loop with the latest fashion trends. There are many different types of Gal's including Cogal, Yamamba, Mamba, Kigurumin, NeoGal and so on.

The first Gal is my fave with lovely curly blonde hair, shoulders peeking through her top, net stockings and furry bits on her knee height boots.

We needed to apply for a permit to take film and photos in 109 and even still we only got permission to do so in 3 stores. We didn't get to take photos in the store that this girl worked in but she let me take a few snaps after I asked her.

More fashion from Shibuya in a later post. How many of you are following Japanese fashion blogs/sites?

Do you keep yourself in the loop with the Japanese fashion scene?

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