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Tokyo Arrival 2

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2010/11/17 23:20 JST In Japan
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After spending an incredible few days being a part of AFAX in Singapore, I'm now back in Tokyo. Thank you Singapore for your hospitality - I love you all ^o^ Was truly awesome to meet so many comrades.
I owe you a ton of AFAX coverage which I will be posting over the next few days in between filming and editing Culture Japan ^^;;;;;;;
If you posted photos of AFAX or Singapore CGM Night then do share your links and wot not in the comments.

These photos taken since the morning trip from the hotel in Singapore to our arrival back in Tokyo. Dropped everything when we arrived at home, put on a warm coat (very cold) and headed out for some warm ramen and yakitori.

Looks like this will be a series - the last Tokyo Arrival lives here.


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