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Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2011/12/01 14:41 JST In Mascot
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A load of Super Sonico goodies arrive just in time to film this weeks Culture Japan - the most important goodie of the bunch being her new game SoniComi which also has a guest appearance by Mirai Suenaga ^o^

And this is why Sonico and Mirai are now members of AKB48 - folks who order SoniComi at Amazon will get a plastic clear file featuring Sonico and Mirai in AKB48 uniforms - officially approved by AKB48!

This is the limited edition box set of SoniComi which is a Windows only game - other system owners will have to Parallels if they want to play.

SoniComi is an adventure game where you play the part of a cameraman taking shots of her as she progresses through her career. Some screenshots here.

Tis filled to the brim with goodies!

PV for SoniComi below.

Loli Sonico.

There is a booklet in the box which features Sonico art by various illustrators.

Not sure what flavor of card game this is for.

Sonico's Galaxy One CD in a tin can.

This is a free mag given out around the Akihabara area.

The Nitroplus boss Kosaka-san also sent over some Sonico jigsaw puzzles too!

I had no idea that jigsaw puzzles came with glue these days - glue in this silver packet poured over the jigsaw when its finished and sponged off.

And here are some of the other characters taken from the SoniComi character page.
<spoiler alert>
I'm in the game somewhere too ^^;
</spoiler alert>

Looks like the 2008 April Fools that Nitroplus and I done together kinda came true ^^;

And the following photos from the eroge magazine Push that was published last year when SoniComi was first announced.

Who can provide the best translation of whats in the pink flower next to Mirai-chan?

And these are development screenshots taken last year.

Artwork is by the same illustrator who does Sonico - Tsuji Santa. This was the first concept version.

And this is the final look n feel for Mirai-chan.

Mirai-chan and Sonico are good buddies - Sonico appears on Culture Japan from time to time.

Mirai does not appear in the game in 3D form but Nitroplus did make her in 3D which we used in the following video that teaches Hiragana.

Look forward to seeing more of Mirai and Sonico together.


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