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Japanese Archery

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2010/09/14 23:17 JST In Japanese Culture
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Today we was filming the Japanese archery (Kyudo[弓道]) after school activities at Yashio High School. Was an incredible experience where I got to shoot away some arrows - 1st year students have to practice holding the bow and arrow and only get to shoot after 3 months of practice.

A weekly show also means a load of work which usually ends up with very long days of back to back filming. Wont get to sit down to write long articles until mid next week but want to regularly update you with snack sized posts like this. Will post and write up more on the fascinating world of Japanese archery soon. I was so hooked that I've decided to take it up ^^;

Tomorrow its a full day of filming at Akihabara from 8:30AM - will be covering places like Super Potato, @Home Cafe, Dear Stage, Volks, Kotobukiya, Clone Factory, Taito Game Museam, Toranoana and a load more which I cant remember right now ^^;
Will leave you with the rest of the photos as I still need to read my scripts and wot not. If there is anything you want to see in particular regarding Japanese culture - lemme know and if your suggestion is popular enough then we'll get onto it - remember that you can stick polls in your comments ^o^


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