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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2010/09/08 23:20 JST In Figures
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Looks like its time for another giveaway - this time its going to be the recently released Xecty (girl with the brown hair) by Kotobukiya. Shes a big heavy girl too and retails for 9,240 yen. But you can have her for 0 yen ^o^

Mmmmm. Om Nom Nom. This giveaway is being made possible by comrades at AmiAmi who would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business!

This time round I would like to show gratitude to all my Twitter followers and offer this giveaway to them. We've done this before with the Figma Mio and Yui giveaway and should not be too difficult.

All you have to do is have a Twitter account and be following @dannychoo. Then go ahead and tweet the following:-

RT @dannychoo Xecty Giveaway #XectyGet

Or you can retweet from here.

I will choose a tweet at random within a week and @reply to the winner who would then send me their name, address and phone number to support at dannychoo dot com. I will forward your mail onto AmiAmi and CC you - they will send you your spanking new Xecty.
Don't forget to use the #XectyGet tag when you tweet as that's what I will use to choose the lucky winner.

If you have a DC account then leave a link to your tweet in the comments too - not a requirement though.

Gorgeous figure - the box is huge! Folks who cant be bothered with the giveaway can still buy her from AmiAmi.

And this is Elwing who looks just as gorgeous. Kotobukiya done a fine job of 3D-ifying Tony Taka's original illustration.

Which of these Kotobukiya figures tickles your fancy the most?

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