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Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2014/05/01 22:57 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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On our recent trip to Izu, we visited an area called Dogashima [堂ヶ島] which is a popular scenic spot featuring a load of caves, cliffs, greenery and absolutely gorgeous clear water. Tis located very close to Koganezaki.

One of the highlights of Dogashima are four islands called Sanshiro Jima [三四郎島] which can be reached by walking over the path of rocks that reveals itself only during a low tide. If you fall asleep during the hot Summers afternoon then you will need to swim back to the mainland ^^; In this post we will go play around Sanshiro Jima.

No train stations in the area at all so you'll need to rent a car or take a package tour which you can pick up in Tokyo or wherever you are staying. Punch the following address into your car navigation: 静岡県賀茂郡西伊豆町仁科
When you arrive, you will see something similar to the view in this photo - just park anywhere.

Look for the Dogashima Onsen Hotel - this is the entrance. Continue to walk down this path.

When you see this sign, walk up the steps which will eventually lead down towards Sanshiro Jima.

200 meters ahead is Sanshiro Jima - be very careful on the way over there as the mossy rocks are very slippery. The water is just so gorgeous that you will want to just dive in. If you do then you can wash yourself off after - there is a tapped hose leading away from the toilets near the hotel.

Photos taken on the Lumix GF1 and Lumix LX3.


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