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Otacool 3

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2010/08/22 16:11 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Kotobukiya have recently published Otacool 3 which features submissions of your workspaces over at Kotobukiya have also stuck in a load of workspaces from many folks in the Japanese creative industry including a few comrades who you may recognize.

Otacool joins the first two books I helped Kotobukiya put together - Otacool 1 and Otacool 2. Details for Otacool 4 here which will be a collaboration between Pixiv and Kotobukiya.

Fukuoka-san from Ascii has a great room with figures piled up everywhere!

Takashi Okazaki is another comrade who is the creator of Afro Samurai. See more photos that I took at his place in the Takashi Okazaki post.

One of Kotobukiya's top sculptors.

Another comrade Kosaka-san - CEO of Nitro Plus. Got much more photos from their offices including workspace of the illustrator who's responsible for Super Sonico - will post soon.

Kotobukiya chose 1 workspace from each region to be featured on a 2 page spread - the rest of the submissions from that region are featured in the last section of the book. Do you recognize this workspace?

Another familiar looking workspace.

Name that entry from Hong Kong.

Nice looking workspace from Singapore. Wonder who it could be?

The man representing Malaysia.

Nice share of workspaces from the ladies too.

Another lovely workspace from another lovely lady in Spain.

Another lady workspace - most coolsome orange interior which is also featured on the cover.

One of my faves which I featured as the first photo in the Worldwide Workspaces post.

Gorgeous "Mac + Wood" workspace from the UK.

A small 4 page section on my shenanigans featuring my workspaces throughout the years.

Out of all the submissions, only about 5 didn't make the cut because they either didn't have the original images uploaded (and the owner didnt reply to emails from Kotobukiya) or because the photos submitted were of a low resolution which wasn't good enough for printing.

Cant post photos of all pages from the book or Kotobukiya will eat my spleen but I'm sure that somebody will post a list of folks who made it to the book over at

And here is the cover. Many of you won goodies from Kotobukiya - they will be announcing the winners soon!
If you are interested in getting your hands on a copy then you can do so from one of the following sources:-


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