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Japanese Number Plates

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2010/08/09 23:07 JST In Living in Japan Guide
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I got bored of our license plate so decided to change it. But if you prefer Japanese license plates then you can use this Japanese Number Plate Generator to make one for yourself.
And if you are moving to Japan and are from the UK, read the Japan Drivers License post to see how to get one.

On the same note, after traveling around in the US, I notice some states where cars only had license plates at the back of the car - I'm presuming that its because in most cases cars will be chased by cops but what about when a car rams into the back of a cop car and there is no license plate on the front to see? ^^;

And what do you call these in your neck of the woods anyway? License Plate? Number Plate? Nyan?

How do you refer to these as?

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And this number plate snapped back in Seattle --;


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