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WF2010 : Good Smile Company

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2010/07/26 11:00 JST In Good Smile Company
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More goodies from the Good Smile Company booth where I ended up spending most of my time filming for Culture:Japan ^^;

Got to the hall at about 08:30. Press passes are useless at this time as they can only get in at 11 after all the fun n games have begun. Luckily a dealer pass appeared around my neck and was able to get in a wee bit early to see everything still being set up.

At about 09:30, the Good Smile team get together for some pep talk.

And by 10:30-ish, the Good Smile booth is swarming! If you was there you would have seen how sad the other industry booths looked compared to GSC's stage/booth.

With GSC CEO Aki Takanori and new comrades from Sega.

A sneak into the figure display area to look at some up n coming Figma releases.

Ramping up to the release of Figma Mirai. Tentative release is Jan 2011.
Tears of joy desu.

Got a load more GSC stuff to share - will leave you to look at the rest of the goodies while I go prepare moar.
All Wonder Festival 2010 Summer posts being tagged "wonfes."



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