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Culture Japan Trailer

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2010/07/19 14:50 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Culture:Japan started off as an idea earlier this year which then lead to a pilot show a few months later. We were pretty much working around the clock on the show with a very small team and low budget where we had to do a lot of the stuff ourselves instead of outsourcing - worked hard but also got to play hard too. Check out the Making of Culture:Japan to see some of what went on during the production.

The hard work paid off - the head of Tokyo MX loved the show and approved a full season with a bonus thrown in - a 1 hour special next month. Am absolutely over the moon that the first show I directed was deemed good enough for a full season ^o^

The first pilot show was aired on Tokyo MX TV in June and will air on the Animax Asia Network across the whole of Asia and include India and Pakistan too. A short trailer for the show below. Looks like somebody torrented the Japanese 30 min broadcast though ^^;

The trailer is for the 1 hour English version which includes a few scenes that we had to cut out of the 30 min Japanese version. The extra bits include a brief look at the bedroom of K-ON! voice Actress Satomi Sato (Ritsu) and her sumo impression ^^;

I will continue to direct the show but also do a load of other stuff including artwork, design, looking for sponsors and presenting too ^^;

For the next show I'm planning more from a Japanese High school where this time we will follow one of the girls to/from school and see what they get up to outside of school - cram school / part time work / shopping and so on.

Also planning Wonder Festival coverage, Production IG behind the scenes (awaiting approval), Harajuku fashion with Elly Otoguro, some doll stuff and a load of Black Rock Shooter shenanigans. The Black Rock Shooter stuff includes showcasing your cosplay/figure photo shoots and illustrations.

Satomi-san absolutely loved the artwork that you submitted - we printed them out and mounted them on a board with some lamination too - she took these photos and uploaded them to her blog.
I requested her to be on the show because she done the voices of all the characters in Chinka but am thinking that we can have each of the K-ON! seiyuu in other episodes of Culture:Japan too.

Who is your fave anime seiyuu that you would like to see on the show? As with last time, we invited readers to the studio and if you are in Tokyo at the time of filming then you are invited too - keep an eye on my Twitter for announcements.

We had video submissions of your rooms too! For the Japanese version we featured 3 and for the English version we only managed to fit in 5 rooms. For those of you who were in it, I owe you a copy and will send you mail soon.

Music in the show is provided by the most awesome Vividblaze who will also be working on new tunes for the full series.
Ken Lee worked on the opening timelapse sequence and we will be shooting more around Tokyo soon.

We plan to have terrestrial and online distribution so that folks around the world will be able to watch.

The commercials for Culture:Japan are being broadcast all over Asia now localized in that regions lingo - CM for Culture:Japan in Taiwan below.

And English speaking regions below.

Would love to thank everybody involved in the production process and all DC readers for their continued support - thank you all!


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