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CJ Night Los Angeles

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2010/07/11 07:45 JST In Anime Events
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On the 3rd of July 2010, we held the first CJ Night to take place outside of Tokyo - CJ Night Los Angeles! We usually have a load of industry folks and celebrity guests but this time round we had folks who were more important - you!
It was a great pleasure to meet you all! This time round Jacob Grady and I decided to have a Fakku x Danny Choo meetup.

This photo taken later on in the evening with some of the folks who stayed behind.

Jacob is the creator of the worlds biggest health related site called Fakku - SFW depending on whether your boss also likes to stay healthy. Jacob has a post up on the event here.

CJ Night Los Angeles took place at the ESPN Zone located in LA Live which was just around the corner from the Los Angeles Convention Center. The folks at AX helped organize the space for us which was completely packed with about 250 comrades.

Please forgive me for taking a while to get round to you - I really wanted to meet each and everyone who came along and hope that in the meantime you got to make new comrades through the touch n greet that we all done at the beginning of the event ^^;

Some health material for folks who could not wait until they got home.

The famous Fakku horse.

Saber makes a new friend. Also thanks to J-List who gave away goodies that evening.

Two lovely maids were in the house to serve some yummy vibes.

These two lovely ladies took many of the photos in this post. Do annotate yourself if you is being in these photos!

The meetup was from 15:30 - 19:00 where we had to get out after. But luckily the undercover LAPD folks let us sit right outside infront of the Nokia Plaza. Jacob and I got to mingle until the evening with the folks who stayed behind.

Was truly great to spend time with you all. I'll get a room *inside* the convention hall next time and bring Good Smile Company and perhaps one of the doll makers too ^o^

Oh, the next CJ Night is probably going to be in Singapore this November - a load of comrades together with some Japanese celebs too!
Not sure if I will make it to Malaysia before Singapore though ToT

Still got more AX coverage to come!


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