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Dollfie Days - Aoi at Home

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2010/06/29 09:40 JST In Dollfie
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Hajimemashite everybody! My name is Aoi and I'm Danny's 2nd daughter. Papa has been working until the early hours of the morning of late and has been finding it difficult to write articles so I thought I'd help out a bit by posting something.

Papa has left me at home with the other girls to keep an eye on the relatives who are over again. I know Saber is the eldest daughter but why does he always take her and not me! I'm sure its not because shes got bigger eyes.

Today we will take a look around the house which papa bought back in 2005. I remember seeing papa writing up the latest version of the Tokyo Property Purchase post but I dont think he's had time to finish.

Cant wait to see papa back home soon. I miss him already and am worried about his spinal hernia which has been troubling him for the past few months.

As for what I'm wearing - it was commisioned from ddotark who lives in the UK. Papa snapped this photo in Oxford Street London and after sending it to ddotark and requesting orange n white, ddotark came up with this in a jiffy!
A couple more photos including packaging that ddotark provides can be seen in the Dolls Party 23 photo article.

Its really comfy to wear at home! Anyway, relatives makng a rachet in the kitchen - better go and make sure they dont set fire to the place ^^;


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