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Antoine de Caunes

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2010/05/20 21:30 JST In Japan
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I'm sure that many of you will recognize Antoine de Caunes - actor, celebrity and director. I used to watch his show Rapido when I was back in the UK and was delighted to hear that I would be filming with him for a documentary about Tokyo that Canal Plus are making.

It all started with a contact from the director back in January who you may have seen in A Week in Tokyo 50. Peter had made a ton of documentaries before and this time he has got an incredible line up of celebrities from the Japanese Pop Culture field - I don't think I deserve to be in the same show ^^;

This time round I decided to introduce the fascinating world of 1/3 scale dolls. I only started to adopt at the end of 2008 and absolutely adore them. I want more people around the world to discover and learn about them too.

The first day of filming was at Dollpa 23. Most of this is going to be used as B-roll for my main interview.

Also got a few of my comrades interviewed.

After my extended Europe trip, got back to film the interview by Antoine at the office - t'was the day before I left for my Malaysian trip.

T'was the first time we had so many film staff in the office ^^;

Sound Man. This is not the job to have if you got spinal hernial like me. He carries around this huge bag of sound equipment that weighs 105 kilos. He does however have some sort of waist harness that he wears to help him support the load.

These camera guys have got all the big accounts and do work for CNN, BBC and G4TV.

I'm wired with a mic and we also got the overhead to make sure we catch the fart noises too.

Antoine looking good on the cam.

The director likes Aoi-chan. Could be because of her new at-home gear.

Antoine has a quick pep talk with Aoi-chan before filming.

Filming B-roll.

And thats a wrap for the day! Makeup off time.

The crew have a huge space cruiser which they use to film at the many locations around Tokyo.

Yesterday was the final day of shooting at Shibuya Hachiko crossing. Have only danced in the rain once before and that was for CNN - floor berry slippery desu ^;

The new float-in-air-ranka-kira move.

Had a great time filming and cant wait to see the final product later this year - its going to be jam packed with sooo much Tokyo stuff - Japanese Pop Culture to the max!

Going to leave you here as I need to prep and wake up at 5AM for filming at Fujisawa High School. Its going to be interesting - especially in armor ^^;


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