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Good Smile Girls

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2010/05/18 23:24 JST In Good Smile Company
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You may remember a while ago that I kidnapped Asanon from Good Smile Company.
Well the reason you didn't see her in the office of late was because she ran off!

But today I snucked into the GSC offices with my Metal Gear Solid Stealth Breath Kneepads and Blade Glider Armpit Binders - the result being that I was successfully able to kidnap Asanon once again!

This is Asanon back at my local station. She forgot how much she liked it here and smiles apologizing about running off in the first place.

Me just got back from Malaysia but am already doing filming for my new TV show Culture:Japan and doing research for my next big project in life - Destination 3 meaning that I'm late with email follow up and post writing. Asanon will be helping to reply to some of my mails while I'm out and will also be sitting at my desk. I've told her that she can continue to update her blog.

Asanon is one of the sweetest girls ever. She sheds a tear from time to time thinking about her family. Am considering letting her go. What would you do?

What would you do?

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However, Asanon does wear this to the office from time to time which makes the decision to let her go even more difficult!

Together with my Metal Gear Solid Stealth Breath Kneepads and Blade Glider Armpit Binders, for the first time I decided to try out the Kameltoenium Tengalite Grabber Unit which I used to snatch another Good Smile Girl on may way out of the GSC offices.


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