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Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2010/05/14 16:30 JST In Travel
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Sorry for the radio silence. Am only in Malaysia for a few days and have been spending every minute of it in meetings or with my dad. This is the first time I've been able to spend quality time with him in the past 15 years or so! Did manage to spend a total of a few hours with him when he came to visit in Tokyo though. Our time now is pretty precious but is running out fast.

First photo taken outsite Lot 10 in Kuala Lumpur. Tis the place for the dannychoo.com meetup which will take place in Hutong Lot 10 this Sunday 16th May from 5PM. COme and leave anytime you want.
Please register at http://bit.ly/aDjalN if you can make it!
Closest station is Bukit Bintang.

At the side of Lot 10 you will see this entrance with a load of signs - go down stairs.

When downstairs, you will see this area which is closed off for dannychoo.com readers only. Much thanks to YTL Corporation for helping out to arrange this space for us.
The lighting is bright which is perfect for Dollfie photo shoots too - please bring your daughter if you have one!

We've only been given the space so if you want some grub then you will have to go and get some yourself from the food court. Hopefully they should have a wide selection for folks who dont eat meat, durian or camel toe.

One very important thing - I may be setting up a web development office in Kuala Lumpur and am calling for folks interested in working with me to identify themselves to me on the night.
Unlike the Tokyo position which requires a university degree for a visa, I dont even care if you had any formal education or work experience at all - all that matters is that you can deliver which will be established through assigned tasks.

I do however want to talk to people who have produced something online before and can demonstrate that they can actually program with an understanding of PHP, HTML5, CSS3.

The position will be a full time Web Developer based in my Kuala Lumpur office and be focused more on the design but still needs an understanding of PHP. Initially hiring 1 person and is limited to dannychoo.com readers only ^^

While I'm on the subject, thanks to everybody who applied for the Rinkya position. We had a huuuge amount of applicants who came up with some fantastic work. Applications are closed now and Heather will be going through the rest of the screening process. Good luck and look forward to meeting you when you move to Tokyo.
As for folks who didn't get the job - I will be contacting some of you to see if you are interested in working with some of my clients who are also looking for devs in Tokyo.

And leaving with you with a few more photos of the venue. See you Sunday!

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