Tokyo Video Tour : Musashikoyama

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2010/05/09 23:55 JST In Places to visit in Japan
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Was out rollerblading the other day and had the Lumix GF1 with me. Decided to see what videos looked like while moving on the blades and the results were surprisingly good - hopefully you won't feel too dizzy after watching this.
Took this video after dindins this evening - tis a tour of my local shopping arcade called Palm. Its the longest in Tokyo and stretches on for about 800 meters.
Palm is located right outside Musashikoyama [武蔵小山] which is on the Meguro line - it joins onto the Mita and Nanboku line.

The area is a residential one so if you want a slice of Japanese life then this is a good place to come to. There is the Rinshi no Mori park nearby too to relax at after an afternoon of walking about. The A Week in Tokyo category has a lot more photos of the area taken throughout the year.

Screenshots below taken from the video. Would you like to see more videos of Japan or prefer photos or both?

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