Confirmed - my new TV show is to start from June 12 9PM and will be aired on Tokyo MX TV and then on the whole Animax Asia network. The Tokyo MX edition will be 30 mins and the Animax version will be an extended 60 mins. We will do 1 episode first followed by research which will provide us with the info needed for us to continue with the show (or not ^^;)

The show will be about all things Japanese Pop Culture - anime, manga, music, fashion, figures, dolls, gadget and wot not. The outline of the first show is something like:-

  • Worldwide Otaku Rooms - An anime seiyuu and I will chat while watching videos of yourself introducing your room.
  • Real Japanese High School - you've seen what a school looks like in anime, and I would like to show you what a real school looks like - complete with seifuku, bento, classrooms, bukatsu and so on.
  • Top 10 Akihabara spots.
  • Coverage of an anime college.
  • Anime production studio.
  • Behind the scenes of a figure manufacturer - how figures are sculpted etc.
  • More!

Video Submission

The most important corner involves you. If you would like to see a video of yourself broadcasted on Tokyo MX TV and across the Animax Asia network, all you have to do is shoot a video of yourself introducing your room. No need to rehearse - just go around your room shooting interesting bits n pieces. Have a look at the following video as an example. We will edit the video and pick out the juicy bits.

  • Introduce yourself and then take us around your room.
  • We need a HD (720p 1280×720) copy of the video that you submit if your entry is chosen. Initially upload it to YouTube and then post it on with the tag "tokyomxtv"
  • Along with your video on, please post the following details:-
  • -Name -Country of residence -How long you have been an otaku -What you are crazy about lately (K-ON!!, Dollfie, Ridge Racer, French Bread etc) -Age -Website
  • When you post the video on YouTube, please post a link to this post in the description so that others can join in on the shenanigans.
  • We are looking for room jam packed with anime merchandise! Figures, posters, dolls (if any), dakimakura (if any) and what have you.
  • Ideally would like something during the middle of next week but the week after would be the latest I think.
  • By submitting your video you agree that Tokyo MX is allowed to broadcast your video which may be edited on the show and may be used in TV commercials.

Program Title

The Japanese title is tentatively called "Danny TV" [ダニーTV] which sounds OK in Japanese but I think the name sounds a bit cheesy in English? ^^;
Would love for you to come up with a name for the show - if your idea is chosen then we will run your name in the credits!

We got suggestions like:-

Which of these program titles sounds decent?

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As the show progresses, I will be looking for video correspondents around the world who would be able to produce short clips on the Japanese Pop Culture scene in their neck of the woods. I'll show you the door and leave it up to you to walk through it - the opportunity is yours. I want to create more opportunities for folks around the world to work with Japan related industries.

After the show airs on Animax, it will probably be uploaded to the Internets in some shape or form ^^;