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OTACOOL 3 Submissions Open

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2010/05/02 16:10 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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In OTACOOL1 we saw worldwide rooms, in OTACOOL2 we saw worldwide cosplay and in OTACOOL 3 we will be seeing worldwide workspaces!
This time we get to look in detail at the desks where folks around the world do their work at home or the office. "Workspace" is where you do your computing/homework or whatever and does not mean you need to actually be in employment - which means that students should also submit their desks!

Submissions are open now and lasts from May 2nd 2010 - June 13th 2010
Folks who submit their photos by the 31st of May will have a chance to be on the cover of the book.

All rules and terms are to be found on the OTACOOL site.

Folks who submit their photos for OTACOOL 3 will have a chance to win just some of these prizes - with more prizes to be announced around the corner!
Only one of these available in the world - and it could belong to you! An exclusive Kotobukiya Mirai Suenaga Ita laptop. These images and computer type will differ from the final product.

Kotobukiya Iron Man up for grabs...

And Mari is also up for grabs too.

We already have some OTACOOL 3 submissions:-
And here is a sample from one of the OTACOOL editors:-

We've got a few famous folks from the anime/illustration industry lined up to be in the book too and would love to see your submission beside theirs.

Remember though that this time round its not about the room but about the desk. Kotobukiya are not looking for a desk piled up with so many figures that you would not be able to work. Have a lookie carefully at the rules of submission for more details.


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